The area

Il Borghetto di Brola is located in the middle of a region in Italy… that’s not on the map: Tuscan Romagna. A land of age-old villages, of marly hills that border the ridge of the Apennines, the part of Romagna that the Medici wanted to keep as their own land: here is the valley of Modigliana, from the end of the fifteenth century under the rule of the Medici and, from then until 1923, in the province of Florence.

An ancient region, with two hearts: where the Tuscan cypresses and olives meet the Sangiovese vineyards.

Il Borghetto di Brola is an ideal base from which to explore this secret land: from the ancient charm of Modigliana, Brisighella, to the Medici’s ideal town of Terra del Sole, to Tredozio and from there to the flourishing greenery of the Casentino Forest National Park, from the art treasures of Faenza to the local craftsmen who still apply age-old skills to their work in wood, in leather, in ceramics and the products of the area.


Il Borghetto di Brola, Relais de Charme — via dei Frati 6, 47015 Modigliana (FC) è il centro agrituristico de
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