The project

Il Borghetto di Brola was intended to honour the “genius loci” with a restoration project that was both careful and respectful of the environment. To that end use was made of natural materials such as flooring using wooden tiles in larch or hand-made terra cotta bricks and self-sufficient water and power systems were adopted. Bathwater comes from the surrounding countryside restricting the usage of drinking water to just hygiene and food uses, and the heating and conditioning system uses logs from the woods for heating, making use of fossil fuels only for air conditioning in the summer, even if this is assisted by the natural insulation afforded by the thick, cool walls.


Il Borghetto di Brola, Relais de Charme — via dei Frati 6, 47015 Modigliana (FC) è il centro agrituristico de
La Casetta dei Frati, soc. agricola in n.c. di Maria Adele Ubaldi — produttrice dei FRAWINES®
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