In the heart of Tuscan Romagna, on the hills of Modigliana, rises a little hamlet standing guard over a stone house from the 17th century. After a restoration carried out with love and respect for the environment, today il Borghetto di Brola is an attractive country relais that has retained the charm of a land abounding in vines, olive trees and historic towns. Here you can allow yourself the luxury of sampling the emotions, the aromas and the flavours that were thought to have been lost, immersing yourself in the time and space of nature that is still unspoilt and that offers so much to explore.


Il Borghetto di Brola, Relais de Charme — via dei Frati 6, 47015 Modigliana (FC) è il centro agrituristico de
La Casetta dei Frati, soc. agricola in n.c. di Maria Adele Ubaldi — produttrice dei FRAWINES®
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